Alcohol Dreams

I see the far off look in your eyes,

Impending doom, I feel in your sighs.

Is this to be the sum of my fears,

That I am losing you my dear.

Living with me is no picnic,

but you know, I am sick.

I try to please you in every way,

But see us drifting apart day by day.

This demon alcohol is dragging me down,

I dance to its tune like a stupid clown.

So many times I have tried to stop,

Look at me...I am just a sot.

I beg you, please don’t go,

With your help I can beat this I know.

If you leave, I have no hope,

Except maybe the end of a rope.


Don’t lay this on me,

You have had chances more than one,

If I stay, enabling I will be,

So it is best that I leave.

I know you are sick,

The devil has a hold on you,

This thing I can’t help you lick,

It will only drag me down if I do.

I can’t listen to your excuses anymore,

I am at my wits end,

You have left me no option but the door,

Your battle is one neither of us will win.

I love you, but that is not enough,

You have used all I have to give,

I know it will be tough,

But you must have the will to live,

Give in to God above.

I will write you from where I land,

On this I have to take a stand.

Call me, and maybe we can start over,

When you have beaten this thing and are sober.

Goodbye…and please understand…

I still love you. You are my man.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Muse strikes again. Fishing for a collaboration I bet.

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Thia Alisha Araya von Sacher-Masoch's picture

What a sad poem of love and loss caused by the demon drink. I myself am currently doing an alcohol detox at home, taking Librium (chlordiazapoxide) which as you probably know is the drug they give to alcoholics to get them thru the physical withdrawal symptoms.
I hope you too can beat your addiction to alcohol. Best of luck to you, take care,
Alisha x

Pretty Little Pain Whore's picture

I am back, and further to my earlier critique I would like to add that I now know this poem was not written about yourself, which I am glad to hear as alcohol addiction is a terrible thing.
I completed my detox on Librium some time ago, and am so much better of without the drink. It just took me some time to realise that this would be the case, but now I'm sober I realise that getting sober was one of the best things I could have done. Same applies to me having got clean from Heroin (yes, I used to be a bit of a mess didn't I?!).
Fantastic work, it reallly portrayed exactly what alcoholism is like for alot of people.

'leesh, the sweet algolagniac x