Golden Hair

Golden hair shining bright

In the chill glow of moonlight,

Water lapping gently on the shore

As we cuddle here on the floor.

A screech owl flies past the moon

In its nightly search for food

Starlight twinkling in teary eyes,

As we both softly cry.

On the morrow

We will part,

A sweet sorrow

With a piece of my heart.

You to your Job way out west,

Me remaining here in our love nest.

Friends and lovers for years on end,

So very proud of you my friend.

This offer you can’t refuse,

It is a stepping stone to use.

Stardom just a step away,

Forget me not is all I pray.

Someday when your run is done,

You will return to me

And we will again be as one.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just came to me while waiting for software to install on a customer's system.

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jgupta's picture

You mean to say your imagination ran a golden race. Long golden hair in curly locks and blue eyes like the ocean bring in me a fairy tale vision. Good write!

Karyn Indursky's picture

I just love this piece. The images are so vibrant and make me want to dance in them. Wow! Hats off to you on this one! HUGS!

Lesa Gay's picture

A beautiful write my friend. It seems that we who write can hear words to be formed when least expected. Kind of like prayers huh? I always enjoy your words from the heart. Congratulations on #6 coming. Kimberly's baby will be #3 for me. Love, Lesa