The striking similarity of the poetry

I read here and there

Is our young people’s hopelessness and despair.

I am starting to be concerned

At how morose

Is the poetry and prose.

So much darkness in their young lives

Looking for a way out

Believing Satan’s lies.

The slightest set back and reason

For suicide,

No self worth no pride.

Most of life’s bumps are temporary

At best,

Don’t worry about tomorrow and give today a rest.

Life is like early morning fog,

Drive in be totally blind,

Drive a lttile further and clear air you find.

Give up the darkness, just let it go,

Be happy, in the light, you know.

Give life a chance, exciting adventures to embark.

Take your life and remain eternally in the dark.

Suicide is a sin,

Take your life,

Heaven you won’t get in.

If pain and suffering is your ride,

Then go ahead and commit suicide.

Spare us your diatribe

About your terrible life.

Get some guts and stand on your own two feet,

Arise, your life to meet.

Adversity builds character with lessons learned,

Builds self respect and the respect of others earned.

Dare to live

Take life by the horns.

You have much to give,

So darkness scorn.

If you see no good in a life so dour,

Do some good and fertilize the flowers.

If you think I am harsh,

I intended it to be,

Life is something to cherish

You see?

God gave us life

An investment in his people,

To spread his word from field or steeple.

Look around at the homeless, the impoverished

Struggling to live,

Then at your blessings and what you have to give.

It will make your burden easier to bear,

If you reach out to others and show you care.

That love will come back to you

By ones, tens, times two.

Hang in there God will not put on you more than you can bear,

He loves you and his son gave his life because he cared.

When the voices die down and my voice you hear,

Speak to him for your savior is near.

Ask with faith and you shall receive,

Strength for another day and the grim reaper’s reprieve.

‘nuff said, I will say no more,

With that said, this speech is over.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem was prompted by so many "dark" poems on the boards I have
read.  People wanting to throw away their lives for one reason
or another.  Others wanting to embrace darkness for its "in"
thing of lies.  Darkness leads to ruin and "going out in a blaze
of glory" is no substitute for a long life of love and service
to others where the rewards are the love and admiration of your

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Katy Marshall's picture

Hey Huck,
great poem. Well said too. I myself, have wrote a few "dark" poems, but now I don't see the point in it, because I realized there is so much out there and so much to live for. And why should I want to die now? I have so much to live for, so much of my life left and I want to one day know what it is like to love and be loved so much like you and your wife. I hope one day I will have something special like that too, and it would never happen if I took my life now. Yea we all have our bad times, but like you said, God doesn't put anything on us he doesn't think we can handle, so I KNOW that I can make it through, and if I'm having problems getting there, all I have to do is turn to him and I KNOW he will be there for me to help me and guide me along my way. Great poem, keep writing! ~Katy

Judy Costea's picture

This is just great... They needed something like this.. So many of them out there want to end their lives for one reason or another... But you what would help more than anything, if the damn Government would stay out of peoples lives who wish to pray where they want to and stay the hell out of where they dont belong... They stick their damn noses in places where Parents should be and then want to know why we have so much trouble with our children growing up killing one another or killing themselves...
Someone needs to make this Government wake up and keep the hell out of our lives and do what they were put there for...
Peace and Love...