Now You Know

She dances between the clouds on silvered wings

Twisting and turning particle-to-particle she swings

In her wake a thunderous applause

Until she reappears again after a pause

Lighting the sky with a dazzling array

The darkest night becomes like day

Bouncing cloud-to-cloud and sometimes to ground

She revels in the power she throws around.

The thunderous applause is impressive here on earth,

But she reminds us, it is she, lightening, that does the work.

So next time you see her dance and careen through the sky,

It is for her thunderous applause; Now you know why.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Daydreaming while waiting for a meeting that never materialized.

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Shaketa Copelin's picture

Beautiful...I enjoyed.

Gary Mills's picture

I always liked the lightning, and the "applause" well done Huck.

Mia Crews's picture

Huck, this is beautiful, I felt as if I were viewing a summer storm, Mia

jgupta's picture

My thunderous applause and sure you know why!

Judy Costea's picture

That was a beautiful poem. like watching a lightening storm as it comes through the sky... the calm before the storm...LOL...
Beautiful write..
Peace and Love