Today is but a memory of tomorrow’s past.

Yesterday is but a memory, today’s last.

Lost love’s memory is never lost fast.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just some thoughts.

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short but full of meaning

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I like the loic in here.

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Good thought, Mr. HH. Lots of room to swim around in this one. We both seem to do a lot of swimming!! Here's an addition for your toughts. Hope it catches on. I like your analysis of Time(s), and Love, and your juxtaposition of the Time-descriptives. Nice job,as usual. My pittance: :

Today, I love her.
Today, I loved her.
Today is no more.
Today and everything is "Passed".
EVERYTHING is "Passed", even your latest thought!
Tomorrow never will come to us
because we are already IN it!
Ah, but Love!? Oh, Love!
Those letters! The words!
The poetry we write and consume!
Oh!, Love! You are forever!
Not : "lasts forever", but

Mr. HH, now SEE what you went and made me do!!!

"Poe" I'm not, nor "Rich" am I,
but I'll be famous, b'ye and b'ye !