I Am Proud Of You

I don't remember him once saying "I am proud of you."

I guess he assumed I just knew.

At some point, it sure would have been nice

To hear him say it at least once or twice.

When I was born, back there in the past,

Doctor's said, "He won't last."

A nurse with faith wouldn't give up on me,

And here I am for all to see.

For a while there, it was touch and go

My survival in the balance, they just didn't know.

I bet he was very scared that day,

And didn't want an attachment  to someone who may not stay.

I always was the smallest kid in the class,

Seems everyone wanted to kick my ass,

But I never backed down and made them pay,

Making picking on me work and not play.

I guess it was hard to be proud of someone my size,

But a little pride would have been nice to see in his eyes.

He is gone now and it is too late,

Mom says he was proud of me, but why couldn't he say it?

I am grown now and have children of my own,

And that is why I have written this poem,

I am so proud of my sweet baby girl

She teachs the young, opening the world.

My two sons, the Civil Engineers, building the highways and byways

And taking time with my grandchildren to play.

Though my dad never gave me those glad tidings,

To you my children, you now have it in writing.

Your dad is very proud of you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for my children, now grown, and their spouses.  We can be as proud of our children as we want, but from a child's perspective, the words mean a lot.

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Judy Costea's picture

This is such a beautiful heartfelt poem. It is so good to see something like this on postpoems... Writing for our children to see how we feel about them is just one way they will know. I always tell mine how much I love them and How proud of them I am and happy. My children mean more to me than life itself. I see by your words, you are a proud and loving father. it means so much to kids to know that...
Thank you for sharing your love for your kids with us.
Peace and Love

Judy's picture

Thanks Dad. This is a wonderful poem and really touched my heart. I love you.

Shirley Roberts's picture

Huck this was a wonderful poem to your kids. I write to mine and about mine all the time. But don't you think we parents nowdays say 'I love you ' more to our children than they did back then? My dad NEVER told me he loved me nor I him until he was on his death bed.I guess back then they thought we should just know they did by keeping us fed and clothes on our backs. but like you it would have been nice to have heard it said.

cora's picture

Hi, cous'....

I really, really liked this one. Wish more Dads could see it ; and better yet, ACT on it!! So many of the children out there don't hear it. So many Dads don't realize how much it affects their children's self-esteem etc. for their whole life. Keep up the good work.

onelilartist's picture

I write poems to and about my boys all the time. How can I not? They are my heart!

Thanks for the lovely poem,

Jessica onelilartist

Ernest Bevans's picture

From this poem it appears that you
are a good father - and I am proud
of you Huck. Keep the faith