Styrofoam Cup

I see it skipping and dancing along

Carried by the wind where it doesn't belong.

Just a styrofoam cup carried along by the wind,

Makes me wonder where it has been.

Was it kissed by some burley man

As he sipped from it as he worked the land?

Was it held by a woman's sensous lips

Then disposed of out her window with a flip?

How is it, it came to be

Flitting along before the wind so free?

Just bouncing along with the flow

To whereever the wind should blow.

How I feel so much like that cup,

All the love I had to give was used up.

Now empty of all that I held

She cast to the winds this empty shell.

Like that cup carried by the wind,

I don't know where this shell will end.

I hope love finds me some day,

And fills this cup all the way.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one just came to me.  Please don't read anything into it. If anything it is empathy for someone I know.

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