The Dragons Kiss Part IV - Fini

Taking to the air

Leaving the lady so fair

Cursing the terrible fate

That forces me to go away.

But with her I could not stay

To further burden her…no way.

T’was better to set her free

Than to chain her to me.

Her love was but thanks for the save,

Not truly for the love I craved.

Besides, she had suffered long as a dragon feared,

Her time for happiness has neared.

So I will fly away to find my path

And maybe good things fate hath.

Kissing a knight, I see no chance,

But I heard of a female knight in France.

So, there I will fly

O’er valley and mountain high,

O’er fields and mercurial streams,

I fly on, o’er vistas never seen.

Until I reach a diadem sprinkled sea

And turn south to where I need to be.

This female knight, whose kiss may impart,

Salvation from this curse on me heart.

She leads an army of the just,

For a kiss, I will help her, I must.

I must seek out this warrior’s home

To receive the kiss of St. Joan.

In my human form, I’ll explain my plight

If she doesn’t slay me, I may be free this night.

Staying in the shadows out of the clear,

I can talk to strangers without fear.

Asking where her army stays,

So I can fly there and my homage pay.

Lighting softly in her camp,

I transform and step to her lamp.

I speak my case as fast as I can

How I became a dragon from a man.

At that instant I started to morph,

Til she was a mere dwarf.

The suddeness of the change gave her a start,

Reacting instinctively, drew her sword,

And plunged it deep into my heart.

Returned once again,

To the form of a man,

I thanked her with my dying sigh

For freeing me and letting my spirit fly.

Free of the dragon at last,

My spirit would wait for my goddess past.

Elysian fields, I will spend my days

Until my goddess passes my way.

Then together we will be,

For all time through eternity.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The final, final episode...I promise.

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Edwin Robinette's picture

I have read all 4 parts to your story! This is really one great fantasy tale! Loved it much! Excellent work here!!!! Thoroughly enjoyable!! BRAVO