Christmas Tree

Copyright 12/20/99

A Christmas tree was cut down in the wood

To grace a home as a symbol of good.

It struck me, as I watched it fall,

How like our lord it had to give its all.

As the tree gave its life to honor one so high

We celebrate Christ’s birth both far and wide.

The tree is adorned  with bulbs so bright

To represent the many races celebrating the light.

The lights, once candles, each with a flame

Represents Gods love light that will never wane.

Each ornament is hung with so much love

For our friends, family, and the one above.

And finally the Angel, at the top, for all to see

To bless this family, their friends, and this tree.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written to my coworkers, but seems timeless.

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Kristine Snow's picture

Very, very nice. I enjoyed this one a lot. Kris

Melvin  Lee's picture

Hi there.. i was lurking around the halls of POstpoems, when i chanced upon your poems....this's the first i picked...and wooww, i like your style. Simple, yet so elegant... I especially like the opening stanza...simply a gem on its own.... Smilesz... I shall read more of your work, Ferrell... :@)