She Cries

She cries herself to sleep,

every night a little after eight,

many thoughts embedded in her mind,

confusion, mistrust, denial and hate.

They seem to be all caught up,

in things that only they care about,

a shame for their only child,

who has to be indepentant and stout.

They should see the damage of their neglect,

she is becoming a hardened five year old,

they think that they are such great parents,

for they never hit her or even scold.

She wishes they would show her love,

she would like for them to sit with her,

watch some TV or maybe share a story,

but nothing makes any emotion in them stir.

Years later when she is grown and married,

wondering why her and family never come around,

she ignores all their demands and pleas,

it hits them, it's all the time for her never found.

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Yvonne Coffey's picture

Hi Renee, Wow what a powerful poem. It expresses so much emotion of sadness of missed love never shared and is so beautifuly written. You are a great writer. Keep up the good work. And thanks for critiquing so many poems of the poets here at postpoems. I really appreciate it and thank you for coming to read some of mine. Yours truly, Yvonne

toobuena's picture

Oh Renee, this is so sad and so touching. Once again you have taken us with you, right back there. This is so good, because when we travel your journies ~ we embrace your lessons. Geneva

Tanya Foltz's picture

Ok, you really need to get out of my head! This one hit way too close to home, it actually made me cry! This poem was so beautiful. YOu are such a wonderfully talented poet!

Alyson Mays's picture

I am this little girl, and that is so sad. I didn't realize how sad it actually is until I read this poem. "The cat's in the cradle" eh? I love your writing Renee, you never fail to touch my heart. Love, aly

Deborah E Russell's picture

this is very touching and realistic...nice work Renee' you are "sumtin" else!!! so glad to have met you.

Ali Saad's picture

very nice piece of poetry,and I like the flow of verses that just harmonizes nicely with rhythm of the story and the way it is told.So sensitive ,Reene! Ali

Malcolm McCaffery's picture

this is quite a serious one. Reading this makes me thankful for the loving and stable family I have, and the time my parents spent with me ... and still do. I think of my dad ... who is always talking about the importance of the family spending time together ... when I was younger it annoyed me a bit but now I am thankful. thanks Renee' this social commentary poem... malc.

Dj Southwell's picture

Well first sorry i haven't looked at your poems so soon. But this one really touches me and i can understand when my parents didn't have time for me when i was little i used to do the same thing. so keep it up and by the way i have a new poem.

LadyV's picture

Great poem! I like how you worte it the wordes are great the meaing is also wonderful as sad. keep writing!

BIGONE's picture


Roz's picture

Hi Renee I really liked this one heaps. Very deep and full of emotions. I could feel the pain the little girl was feeling. So sad!!!!! Again... I like your style and enjoy reading your poetry. Have a nice day Roz :)

Steve Moore's picture

That's the type of poetry I like and if that was your childhood I'm very sorry about it. Anyway I really like the poem

Mel's picture

So emotional....i can feel the sorrows u displayed here... Again, i have to ask...who re u writing as.?~..yourself? I wish u all the best Renee...take care!!! Smilesz..~>>~>~>

Ariberdy's picture

This reads with such depth. There is so much feeling!!! Is this about your childhood or is it someone close to you? Either way, I could feel the pain. Thanks for sharing. Amy

Molly's picture

This one is pretty deep. It's more serious than most, and evokes sadness. I think you've written it well. :) IT makes me feel angry at the parents, sad for the girl, a mixture of emotions.

Aaron Dunbar's picture

I really love your poetry Renee' : ) Keep up the great work.