Hand in hand we walked along the beautiful beach.

The day was just wonderful like the taste of a sweet peach.

I love you with all my heart, love your eyes of blue

I promise to love you, my love for you is true.

As we walked I felt that I was off in some dreamland

you pulled me to you side and I saw a poem in the sand.

My heart just leaps with pride to know you cared that much

to write to me your words of love, pride and such.

There it was written in the sand for the whole world to see

just what you thought of our life and how much you love me.

You are the only man that I care to spend the rest of my life with

thank GOD we now all know, true love is no longer a myth.

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Karyn Indursky's picture

Beautiful, romantic, shimmering with love. It's amazing what love can do when it's pure and felt on both sides. It gives me faith that maybe love and happily ever afters do exist. Thanks for bringing up my spirits.

Nicolette Van der Walt's picture

Dear Renee

A beautiful poem about the beauty of love and yes, you can tell the whole wide world about it! May you live this poem in the sand!

Best wishes

Nicolette van der Walt

Anony Moose's picture

although poems
in sand
don't last..
may your love for
each other be carved in stone

Danielle Edwards's picture

(wipes eye) Grrrrrrrrrrr........ It ws good. Very, vey good. I hope I find that one day. You seem to deserve it though. So I'm happy for you. :-)

Eric Cockrell's picture

beautiful poem, written from an honest heart. sometimes i think our lives are just poems in the sand... waiting on the waves. eric

Misty Lackey's picture

a beautiful love poem..

Deborah Russell's picture

This is a beautiful poem and a good collaboration as always, Deborah

Debbie Johnson's picture

From your comments I take it this is a poem from the title game you play. You did it well! :)

Shiwei Yeo's picture

a very romantic piece of work!!

Tanya Foltz's picture

This is a really beautiful poem! I got a little lost in it...in a good way that is! Once again, you are an excellent poet! Keep up the awesome work!

eltrue's picture

I don't think true love ever was a myth but just something that's so hard to capture. You write like a real sweetherat here and your words are saturated with love as they flow easily across the page. I found this to be very enjoyable as it evoked the emotion of love from my heart into my soul......good writing. I love honest heartfelt writing like this....Eric

People don't run out of dreams they just run out of time.

Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee What a wonderful tribute to a lover. Such heartfelt words are caught with this piece. I hope he treasures this forever. I enjoyed the read and as always in awe of your talent..... You go girl...keep up the good work! Cya and have a great day :) Roz

Susan Collins's picture

Very nicely done. You have painted a very beautiful picture with your words. This was quite a tribute to the one you love.

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

This was very beautiful... A very well-written poem, Renee' I liked it much :) I especially like "There it was written in the sand for the whole world to see, Just what you thought of our life, and how much you love me" Lovely.

Molly's picture

Awwww, that poem is so sweet! I bet I know who it is all about! :) I bet Bob loved it very much!! Really, really nice. This is one you've got to go shopping for--I mean, you've got to get the PERFECT frame to frame this one in...I think it's just that good! A true love poem!

Ali Saad's picture

sweet words , and a beautiful image .The latter is my favourite, and I could through those words see it, thanks for this nice poem.

Michelle Noel's picture

oh so beautiful.....wow!!! No matter who came up with the title the thoughts and heartfelt words are yours.... Hail to the Queen!!!

Tim Marshall's picture


gentle's picture

What a beautiful tribute to love & the lover. I hope that he will always cherish it... Beautifully written. Amy

Gentle is the night♥