Possible Cohabitation

I see it in the mornings

when you're reading your St. Martins

and I'm drinking my coffee

Then you come near to sit with me

Eyes glancing on the daylight

here in a hideout in the East Side, 

We could stay like this forever, dear


I see it on the 9 a.m. alarms

when we wake up in each other's arms

and stay a little longer for each other's warmth

It's as if the universe stops for us

to have moments like this last

and I knew right there and there

I could go on like this forever, dear


And I see it in the evenings

when we walk side to side

under the bright city street lights, 

or when we dine at your mother's house

It's as if the world is no match for us

And every doubt in my brain is lost 

when you hold my hand and say, 

"This is us. This is ours."


And that's when I knew

I could spend my forever with you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is one of my favorite poems I've ever written. Like I've said before, it doesn't take to have an extravagant, life-changing moment to know that the love you have is real love and one that is worth fighting for. 

Sometimes, it's a day in December doing your routine coffee reading and all of the sudden, it dawns on you: I'm actually fine doing this forever. I could actually spend a day like this over and over again if only this one person is with me to get through it. That's when you know you have finally found love. 

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a beautiful moment to cherish

a beautiful moment to cherish

ron parrish