I just love it when facebook sends me alerts telling me where I’ve just been and asks me to write a review or make a recommendation.  I’m still nibbling on the appetizer and they want a full on recommendation.  Jeez Louise!  At least let me finish my meal and go home to let it digest.  How I can I wax nostalgic for a meal I haven’t even finished yet?  It would be nice to eat in peace.  Let me savor each bite and enjoy any conversation with the person or persons actually sitting with me at the time.  I don’t need a reminder of where I’ve been before I even leave or even 14 seconds after departure.  It would be nice to live in the moment.



have to preserve memories

still in the moment


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That's part of why I keep my location services turned off for facecrook. 

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yeah, it's a pain in the

yeah, it's a pain in the ass.  let me finish the meal first.