There’s a little bit

of Al Bundy

in all of us;

there’s the shattered dreams

and emotional impotence;

there’s the beating down

from society

that we face;

glory days in high school

and the ultimate letdown

of the ensuing years--

they follow along

in steady stream

we want one thing

we get something else

there’s not enough money

we’re always

a nickel short of a dollar

and we go on

through the motions

the girl that says no

or the promotion not gained

and the cracked up cars

and the cracked up dreams

all the things that

we can not control

inflation, underemployment;

unfinished products,

bad food and hangovers

we all fail once or twice

or thrice

and that’s a pain in the ass;

a fractured hope

slips away from us

the cast is taken off

the broken bones

and the diffused wifty days

all rush along

we face the defeat

with a bitter laugh

and an accepting sigh

It’s just a real life thing

we have to face

we ain’t gonna

get everything we want

or even anywhere close

we just take

whatever we can get

and learn to accept it

for all that it’s worth



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nice translation of the character to real life struggles

Hey Peg... where's my beer the football game is on



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a man's home is his coffin

a man's home is his coffin

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We Live Vicariously

To avoid reality - and when the eviction notice arrives we radicalize not to destroy we just want our mtv back to fantasize reality more profoundly. 

In usa, giving up is fun and easy. :D




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At one time I based my life

At one time I based my life on Al Bundy's teachings.