I’m always hearing

about what’s going to happen

or I’m enlightened

as to the ‘why’

of some such occurrence


and everyone

is in the know

except for me


as everyone seems

to be privy to dirt

and has all sorts

of connections on the inside

with all the juicy gossip


I find myself

listening to a lot of shit

while everyone else

states their case


but I prefer

to make my discoveries

by accident

like dice thrown

in Mallarmean terms


no annulment forthcoming

just seek out the night

there’s friendly skies ahead


just chuckle at the voices

being heard

as various rumors

are shot off


and I find my way

thru the landscape

and the hidden meanings

that are implied


there’s always the chance

of something gone down

on any given day


and jaded or not

I still manage

to find and cherish

the occasional gem


and oblivious

to the noises around me

I learn to take it

for whatever it’s worth



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Like this one a lot. I have

Like this one a lot. I have sat many times within the circles of CD the rumor mill. I t as ke it with a grain of salt. Rumors love the telephone games. 

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rumors, gossip and finally

rumors, gossip and finally the truth--hopefully