When the dance of Gods

             is all done

       we will seek

   solutions to our strife


         it may well be too late


     but in this moment

            I am alone

                 with you


        and we are not

                  at odds

          with one another


so I figure

      that we might

just as well go

           out of our ways


     to be able to enjoy

        this fleeting situation


before it all


     and leaves us stranded


        and separated

                from one another


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sweetwater's picture

I really like the way you

I really like the way you phrase your lines, ‘The dance of Gods’ is especially 

nice. sue ( sweetwater ) 

georgeschaefer's picture

thank you for reading and

thank you for reading and commenting,

lyrycsyntyme's picture

I love the sentiments, and am

I love the sentiments, and am grateful, at least, to have lived in a slither of time where many of us could leave our disagreements at the door and realize that between and beyond the conflict there were still many endearing traits to be exchanged.

georgeschaefer's picture

human connection is still

human connection is still possible.  It just needs to be decommercialized and demechanized.

lyrycsyntyme's picture

Indeed, it sure does.

Indeed, it sure does.