Crayon drawings of children

are taped

    to the refrigerator


in attempts

          at invoking


        of family values



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The way family theatre was

The way family theatre was done before facebook. Perhaps, sometimes, still? A cynical, yet undoubedly true assessment of some home displays. I've tutored in quite a few homes over my lifetime. I've seen it, and can't argue with ya.


In my childhood home, we didn't have such things on the fridge, that I ever recall. And though my parents were not into theatre, there may have been other reasons. I always loved to play with those little magnetic fruit on the fridge, when I was young. My mom and dad kept all of our 'special drawings' in photo albums, with report cards and certificates of achievement and all that jazz. Maybe a few would have made it to the fridge if I didn't love those darn fruit so much. :p


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my drawings never got tacked

my drawings never got tacked to the fridge.  Usually I just got a "that's nice" and they placed the drawing on the table.  thanks for reading and commenting.