It doesn’t take talent

to be pissed off

It doesn’t take any skill

to yell your head off

Everyone is angry

The people you rant against

are just as angry as you are

Does that make them poets?

Gay bashers are angry

Racists are angry

Tom Metzger is angry

Rush Limbaugh is angry

The police are angry

People are all pissed off

and wear it on their sleeve

like it’s something

to be proud of

and some of them think

anger makes them righteous

think anger makes them artistic

or poetic or gifted

but, hey, anger

doesn’t make you anything

other than angry

and often uninteresting

and often not worth

the while of worrying about

and enduring

It doesn’t take talent

to be angry and scream

Even cavemen and politicians

can scream and be angry

If you scream at me

I’ll scream at you

& we’ll both be total jerks

unable to communicate

& unable to ever

move beyond this

wretched funk we’re stuck in




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Cascade's picture

Well, I guess you got

Well, I guess you got something to say...and I'm hearing you. Anger only works if we use it to motivate a positive outcome, a change for the better. Excellent!

georgeschaefer's picture

now righteous anger is

now righteous anger is something different--if it avoids the descent into self-righteous anger.

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2020 - I juxtapose those sometimes. 1975 was a beaut too and 1968 and ...

Spot on. You had to do Limbaugh? Mr. personified pissed off. History keeps repeating.



georgeschaefer's picture

I'm still laughing and

I'm still laughing and looking to the heavens