Yes, the stars
          so distant

      still fill the night

            the air

    so thick

with anticipation


      & all my images

  of you

        are balanced

  by the reality

          of your absence


the words will still

             find their way

          to the page—

      mind still formulate

        those poetic equations


It’ll all go down

              & go on

    & things are fine

         but even so. . .


   without you here

       it don’t

     seem to matter

            quite as much

     as it should


without you here

      the pure flow

           just doesn’t

       seem to be

  quite as glorious

as it was before


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Nice. Sad, but well felt under emotional stresses. ~S~



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sad but not quite the blues. 

sad but not quite the blues.  I'm working on it

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It's good

I enjoyed the read. Definitely sad

Copyright © morningglory

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but when one door closes,

but when one door closes, another door opens.  I have since recovered.  thank you for dropping by.