Some animals 

are just tailor made

to be supper.


Did you ever wonder

how a guinea pig

ever managed 

to survive in the wild?


They’re not big.

They’re not fast.

They’re not strong.

They’re not clever.


It almost seems like

they were put there

to provide quick easy meals

for more dominant,

predatory animals.


Their primary skill

at survival 

is simply their ability

to multiply at a rapid pace.

(they are cute, too.)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

sometimes I have too much time on my hands and my mind starts to contemplate the meaning of life.

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Pecking Orders On An Evolutionary Scale

Guiinea Pig wisdom tells us, if small and cute and furry, stay low, procrate and teach the newly born to stay low too. If aliens show up, we'd just give them cancer and feed them sugar until they got diabetes, then they will leave with a cargo hold full of guinea pigs. Like that. - slc



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They are cute though.

They are cute though.

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i think you might be on to something there man.

like natures jiffy pop.

thier existence begins with a rapid succession of multiplicity.....

and as quick as the leave the bag , they are a good in between meal snack 

for a bobcat, mountain lion, eagle....

who has spent the afternoon liesurely laying About

and is too tired and lazy to make a proper supper.


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Until some giant beings come

Until some giant beings come from outer space and turn us into Skippy peanut butter.

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well i hope we never take

well i hope we never take their place

ron parrish

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I imagine there's some alien

I imagine there's some alien race out in the galaxy that will acquire a taste for human flesh.  When that happens, it will be all over for us.

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I’m no good

im rotten.

they would pass me up. 

I would pretend I was one of them, long enough to get in the ship

mars in lovely this time of year.

awful hot though.