NORMAL (Fiverse poem)




have never

been normal for

fear that being normal

would make me too ordinary


Author's Notes/Comments: 

unrhymed fiverse.  for anyone that values their individuality.

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man, I can totally pick up on this. 

Bravo on the the way.

man ill tell ya , individuality is at an all time low.

where is the will to be weird?

hiding probably..

under too-tight knickers..

snapchat conformity

cookie cutter people in a cookie cutter world.

in the long run, my friend...

during our last involuntary twitches escaping this life

i am unique...just like every body else.



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We all need to be

We all need to be ourselves--with just a touch of humility and compassion.

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me too

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It's great to be unique--or

It's great to be unique--or at least distinctive.