Sometimes you get

a little dry

and you have to borrow

ideas from other people.


I have one idea

that I stole from a friend

who suggested it

at an Allman Brothers show.


He suggested a skit or scene

where a group of hippies

were smoking a joint

and they started passing out of order

until the trails of smoke formed a pentagram.


Then the devil would appear

and ask “What’s up?

You did summon me so what

do you want from me?”

To which one of 

the rather surprised tokers

would reply:  “Wanna hit?”


It’s not that bad an idea.

I guess somewhere 

along the line

someone will do it.


Meanwhile I guess

I’ll just make due 

with these thoughts

and pass it off as my own.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

an oldie from back in the day.  

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Y'all been picking up my thought crumbs again?

They seem to just lay around in the air.


Copyright © morningglory

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I only answer to Lucifer ("if

I only answer to Lucifer ("if I'm in need of some restraint") but I like to jot down notes when I'm listening to conversation.  Then I throw them together and see if I can come up with something good.

--line from Mick and Keith in case anyone is keeping score.

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Idea Theft

If nobody knows the source, it's okay. If the source does not know you pinched it, it's okay. Of course, lying like that and stealing like that may enhance the possibilities of old horn head tailed dude to show up the next time you pass and tote out of order. It's a nice idea, a beginning of a novel actually :D



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It's not actually stealing

It's not actually stealing since I did give credit to the friend (in a back hand way).  I think any good writing draws a lot from the conversations going on around him/her.  Then we crystalize it into something all our own.