You Make It


You make it easy,

To love.

You make it 


To love you.

You make it so easy 

To make love to

Is what the line was

Before he calculated 

And thought and thought it better

To say what he said

As he slipped into the bed 

I was keeping warm 

My passion for him simmering

All day and night.  

His kiss into me 

Convincing, hovering above,

And I drew in the praise, I

Craved, as sharply as I craved


I love making love with you.

It’s what we do, together,


Not to, not for,

But with, shared and easy, 

The give, and the take, not measured out of, this heat,

But in its own, on its own-liness.

For what it’s worth,

You make it easy,

To love, you. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One line would change this poem to what I was or am feeling. That he meant the sex act because I love untransactional. Our relationship always tenetive for various non nefarious reasons.  The line would be after 

i love making love with you

His seduction continued or his something to imply insincerity

or just leave it as a unspoken non trust Or belief that outside this moment it wasn't true Or the truth I seek. For now, it's a love poem.  

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Starward's picture

I like your use of the term,

I like your use of the term, ownliness.


[* /+/ ^]

djtj's picture


Tried to figure how to write it out. My dilemma now is to change its intent to not trusting what he said by adding an obvious line or is it clear I'm not convinced by his lines. Or leave it as a love poem.  

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That is one of the dilemmas

That is one of the dilemmas of being a poet.  Something we have all struggled with, more than once . . . .


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So it is

I'll just have to write another poem about it shucks. Lol thanks for the read.