I sit waiting on the edge of my seat

music playing while I wait

cheerful and upbeat

but I keep waiting


waiting for it to arrive

waiting for it to show

waiting for what

you the reader do not know.


I sit here waiting all the while

writing about waiting

trying to get you to smile


but if you're like me

a smile is hard to find

when you, just like me

are waiting blind


waiting for something that may never come

waiting for something that will not run

if you are reading this then you know it to be true

you're waiting on my waiting

hoping I'll tell you


rest easy though, my dear and true friend

for though I am not done waiting

your waiting is coming to an end.


for you see, the thing that I am waiting for

is a thing that has no name.

quite simply I'm waiting

for an update for a game.


now you know and your waiting is done

or perhaps you're waiting has only begun.

for you see, we're always waiting for something

always passing from one point to the next

waiting for something complex


because if it were simple

then our wait would be

over and done with

and we'd be dead you see.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

literally wrote this waiting for a game to update. going on 30 minutes now and still not done updating...

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You did succeed at making me laugh. Or at least chuckle. 

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