why you shouldnt love

The reason I feel I dont belong

The reason I'm always crying

Why I own only sad songs

Why I feel like dieing

Why would you say I love you

If she was on your mind

Why am I such a fool

To think that you were really mine

So I'm backed in a corner all alone

And I don't know what to do

With all of my strength gone

I'm calling out to you

I want to love and give you my all

I want for you to understand

I'm tired of hurting from the fall

That occured when I acceped your hand

I love to see your demples and your perly teeth

It just sucks that you dont want it from me

I want to give you everything to stop all of the hurt

And it sucks more that you still want her!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

what else is their to say my boyfriend still loves his ex and i will never measure up! :D

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i am in love with this poem

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my poem

thank you for the feed back i am sorry it took me so lon to respond life has been....well life thank you