my ode entitled 'social contract'

current affairs

Tell you about social contracts

Agreements made to last

Between the havs and the have nots

Ensuring equity doesnt stop

The stakes in capitalist society

Must be fair permanently


I’m not talking about those who

The system, choose to abuse

Generations of benefit claims

A lazy life to maintain


Im talking about whole society

You, me, all your families

Hard workers, public servants too

World wide not just you


People at the top of society

Morally obligated definately

To ensure people of all nations

Looked after not raped them


Leaders in our society

Dont work hard, not really

The people at the bottom, they do

All the hard work: True

Make and assemble

Some living conditions terrible


Without labour in the world

Capitalism is not unfurled

With, things start to happen

Due to the means of production


People at the top of the tree

Jobs not hard definately

Thinking or organising stuff

Busy making their own luck


The harder job for them

Is maintaining their position

One thing about high society

Costs loads of money


Poor not the only ones raped

Most of the world day to day

But the day that poor society

Has enough of ‘woe is me’


Makes a point of throwing back

Capitalisms contract

Doing that in Egypt now

To unfairness they won’t cow tow


Its the bankers fault for causing

Banking instruments; stoking warring

They are the ones screwing it up

Everyone else soon out of luck


This systems both unsustainable

And totally undefendable

Changing soon, like it or not

Then all injustice coming to

A shuddering stop

Watch your lot.

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