my ode entitled ,brains a tape'

Brains a tape
I’v lost count
Times i’v said it


Brains a tape
Takes in many things
Subliminals; electric signals


Brains a tape
TV programs PROGRAM
Shoos true nature away


Brains a tape
Video; games and nasties
All find their way


Onto your brains tape
Controlling; Re patterns
Grips you unconsciously


Brains a tape
Even without your permission
Never stops recording


Can’t turn the tape
Off at your will
Though directionable


Body;  microphone Of tape
Eyes, ears; whole body
Natural or manipulate


An update soon your tape
Swapped for a DVD
Will improve u exponentially


Will control your tape
Better than u ever have
Of this, will be glad


NOW, still a tape
Effected by environments
So keep heaven sent
with love not hate

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Hey, I Like

Big Bro syndrome poem, I like it. Conditioning, taping, constant input...a lot to digest and process soemtimes. I used dense filters to keep out the fluff - nice art weilding ~A~



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thanks for comments changes

thanks for comments

changes heaven sent

coming soon

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near you