my ode entitled 'Greece' about the banker bailouts

current affairs


Greece is the word
And their not feeling
The IMF’s Austerity
And the Euro’s fake money

The people are suffering
And they are not feeling
Being brought to their knees
It’s called austerity

The referendum just rigged
Austerity, to keep all of it
If the vote went the other way
Euro collapse; cause dark day’s

The Drachma back soon
As are knocked out the euro
The EU is not a boon
The 4th Reich too soon

IMF, just another tax
By these greedy bankers
They don’t care for us
Greec e too; sink the Drachma

That’s if it’s brought back
It should join all Fiat’s
Put in the bin: Start again
It’s the fat cat’s that gain.

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How bloody true bring back

How bloody true bring back the drachma the euro was only ever for the fat cats to get fatter! It ruined tourism and many other things set in motion as no tourism no only living off the land is paramount ruining the landscape Greece is moving towards the dark ages, fire ovens, communities sharing what little they have... The good old days at least they will be okay when judgement day comes...? Good write cheers SS

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