Spike protein


My repost to a comment on my last poem


You will find out soon enough

That the cabal are out of luck

And the cosmics made you and me

Though they have not been able to be

On planet earth in recent years

The dark ones have ruled by fear

Controlling the world with 4 things

Money media religion and suffering


Whats their plan you may ask? 

If i told you the truth you would laugh

Safe to say, its a bit of a war

Between light and dark:hidden cancer cures


And the light are outgunned 10 to one 

They dont light fighting, makes them glum

And they arent good negotiators either

And another thing, they fucking hate Pfizer 


They gave you a perfectly good immune system

The coronavirus is easy meat for them

Please research spike protein

One thing screws it up: all vaccines. 


And those execs at pifizer, bill gates too

Aint making Heaven thats the truth

Look out for Jesus on the tube

Comong soon with this truth to a town or city near you 


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Thank you for your courageous truth telling. May you and all who tell the

truth about covid vaccines be protected.


Nobel laureates, Moderna vaccine creator and others advising avoidance of the

vaccines and the boosters.




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My friends killed by covid may tell you otherwise.

I have my three shots and feel great.

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Let me know in 2 years time

Let me know in 2 years time

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I am old.

I will probably die from something else by then.