The Girl Who Cried Rape.

She Who Was....

Her name was Samantha

And she new what she had

A face like an avenging angel

With a body that drove guys mad.

Everyone wanted her as their own

Who cared if she was dead inside?

Because beneath all the booze and guys

It was easy for her to really hide.

She was smart, beautiful, and very rich

Plus her future was a sure fire go

She always got whatever she wanted

And no one dared to tell her no.

Until a new boy named Dillon emerged

And managed to shake up the town

It didn't matter in the slightest though

That he was the cutest or richest boy around.

What mattered was that he ignored Samantha

The girl of all guy's (and girl's too) dreams.

He barely acknowledged she was there

Nor did he play into her immature schemes.

Oh, Samantha, poor girl was falling too hard

With no clue at all how she could ever stop.

And though she doubted Dillon would catch her

She was not even afraid of the drop.

Soon Dillon started to give her the attention she craved

He was simply preying on her emotions.

She did not even think she was being played

Because she was so blinded by her devotion.

She let this guy become her whole world

Gave over all her control ane her power

And she even let him between her legs

To pick her most coveted flowers.

Then he tossed her aside once he had it

Her "Superman" without the cape.

With that she became vindictive and snapped

And began to call out rape.....



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not like the other she who was poems. But i thpught it should be in here.

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DarkLight's picture

I like it

I like it.  It reminds me of a few of my works( even though i have not posted them)Laughing

DazedByLife's picture

If you haven't posted them

If you haven't posted them then you should! I'd definitely read them!

Morningglory's picture

 It's a decent story. You

 It's a decent story. You have a few typos in there. Might wanna go back and edit a little. :)

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