Are we really supposed to be just friends?
I know that there was a mental block
Concerning the ‘I love you’
I mean I couldn’t find a way to feel it
Let alone say it
So I backed off when you did
Because I felt… I dunno what I felt
I felt for you as a friend at first
But that has grown stronger
All through High School
I was known as Aphrodite
And I am seeing it even more now
But the problem is what it does to me
And my emotions, I feel like I’m on a
Roller coaster just like I always have
I know I am supposed to be in love
With another guy but oh how
The tables have turned
See I’ve got him on one hand
And you on the other
And you both fight like cats and dogs
You both are too mild tempered for that
But I still hear the both of you
Even though he’s not around
To say so to me
I still know how his reaction would be
And even if you say it doesn’t matter
That it will, it really will
But how do I deal with this
I can’t pick one and let the
Other one go
Now this poem is looking
Like the ranting of a mad woman
Maybe I am, I always have been

Written on
April 13, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written about Brian Marshall and Gene Conner. I dont really know whats going to happen from here, this was just a poem to let you know that.

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Yeah really where is it going to from here. Good poem girl.