Something Like A Memory


It was a dream, I think

The first time I felt this

Coursing through my veins


It touched me so tender and mild

Then slapped my face

I felt the stinging pains


I loved the feeling, this feeling

Love so deep and pure

Racing heart, blurring my brain


I remember watching and feeling

With just one touch so gentle

All of my evils where slain


I never really knew the dream man

Who had done all of this

I just know how it does feel


Then you touched me, only you

And something like a memory

It suddenly became so real


Do dreams really come true

Is what you’ve always wanted

As close as a tear


I still don’t know, will I ever

But here you stand before me

And I have not a fear



Written on

September 28, 2006

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was to Paul.

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