You’re killing me

From the inside out

I try to scream

Vainly try to shout


I fight for release

Lash out at you

So you cut me deeper

You know it’s true


You’ve killed before

And you’re killing again

I’m fighting this battle

That I’ll never win



Written on

August 23, 2005

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was another to Steve.

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twincities's picture

There are plenty of Steves in

There are plenty of Steves in the world, but their is only 1 CrimsonAngel and that is you.

Keep up the writing, but let go of the past. Plenty of people act in this manner. Generally because someone has hurt their heart before. Work on you and blossom in life like you do your poetry.

Thanks for the read.

Moncies A. Franco