Combing through the Bullshit

Is this how I should feel?
No real ties.
A mess with no real path.
Is this God after a cruel laugh?
My reputation
Considered a rebel.
Did I damn myself
Make a Deal with the Devil?


Scared of whom I have become
No clue how I got here,
where it all begun?
Desperate for love,
never found it.
Bleeding out
Roll over
Drown in it.
Looking for answers
No tears left to cry
All that's left;
Spread my wings and fly.
Or do I give up?
Bleed out and die.

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The devils biggest trick...

If you bleed out the devil will get his laugh, and God has a great deal for you ;) Lol!
Sorry to get a little religious but I always like to say the devils biggest trick is convincing you that God doesn't want you because your full of sin, but he wants you any way he can have you, sin and all. I don't know if that particularly helps but it's helped me in the past and I'm still a fricken long way from perfect, and I'm learning everyday how to cope better, ultimately all this aside this was a kick ass poem! Great stuff!

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