I offer only

Love & Romance

I Offer Only

I have nothing to offer but my body and heart

Is this enough for; our love to start?

I can’t give you riches like money and pearls

The riches I have, is, my love for one girl.

I could shower you in kisses and poems of love

They would fall upon you; as rain from above.

I would always be faithful; I’d hold our love strong

In my arms you’d feel safe; I’d shelter you from wrong.

You would always be beautiful, even if I were blind

Is this the kind of love you’re hoping to find?

I can be a good lover…. Just give me try

One promise I’ll make; is to you; I won’t lie.

The love that I look for, the love that I need

Is a love that won’t hurt or, make my heart bleed.

A love that’s returned in both body and soul

A love that will last, long after, we’re old.

A love full of kindness, and yes, patience too!

That’s the kind of love, I offer to you.

If this; sounds like the love, you want in your life?

Then, tell me it’s possible; you’d be…this kind of wife.

I’ll cherish you always, above, all other things

When loves in the heart, the soul joyfully sings.

I want a woman who’s passionate, in and out of bed

One sexually aggressive, who can take charge, as well as be led

A lady in public, but my nymph when alone

One who believes, fidelity starts in the home

I want not; just a lover, but a best friend to

Tell me sweet lady, could this be you?

There may be some times, when we’ll disagree

But, if our love is true, we’ll live… happily.

© Paul A. Posney

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this to let the ladies know what i had to offer

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

beautiful piece, this is the way love should be. Monetary items have no feeling, just glitz of being but the heart is the true jewel. I see you speak of magick and of wizard. Are you pagen? I have many friends that are pagen and I follow many of their beliefs myself. It's too bad many are ignorant and think pagens are satan worshippers which we all know is not true..

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I loved this, great work.. so beautifully expressed and put togather true from a real poets heart im amazed by the beauty of this peice.