Ten Thousand kisses

Love & Romance

Ten Thousand Kisses, I promise to you,

With all of my love, multiplied by two.

For the rest of my life, to the end of my days

I’ll love only you, in every possible way.

I’ll carry your smile, safe in my heart

So my days will be bright, if ever we’re apart.

I’ll cherish the time, you grant me with

And, loving you forever… won’t be a myth!

I’ll hold your hand, when we walk

I’ll listen intently, as you talk.

Though sometimes, we’ll disagree

Derogatory names… won’t come from me.

Hateful words, you’ll not hear from my voice

From this life, to the next, loving you; is my choice.

When you’re old, wrinkled and gray

To me… you’ll still be as lovely, as our first day.

When I’m gone… and, you think you’re alone

I’ll still be with you, in the words of this poem.

© Paul A. Posney


Author's Notes/Comments: 

this was written to show my gift from God how I would love her... (when I find her)

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fighter4life's picture

Good poem, I'm sure whoever she is will be a lucky woman. Excellent job writing this.