Long lost

A Nation Mourned

The sound was as thunder At exactly 9:02, Many lives changed The day the bomb blew. Wives lost their husbands And kids lost their dads, As the news spread out A nation became sad. Fathers lost daughters And some lost their wives, When the bodies were counted They totaled one hundred sixty-eight lives. They died not as hero’s But victims of hate, On April 19th 1995 was the date. Children too died; at the hands of McVeigh, A nation mourned in tears For Oklahoma City that day. Through all of the terror And the chaos as well, The city joined hands And faced together this hell. Now where once there was rubble, From a terrorist bomb, Is a place of peace Meant to remind as it calms. Now from across the whole nation It’s citizens come see, What hate in the heart Can do to the land of the free.


Copyright © March 2001 Paul A. Posney

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this after attending the oklahoma city memorial grand opening...

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lyrycsyntyme's picture

An interesting take, though

An interesting take, though quite different than my own. I never got the impression that we came out as well and learned as you have perceived. Though I wholly appreciate your invitation for people to look at such destruction and learn from it. It's a strong way to finish.

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Sad day.