Forever and Ever

Friendship binds us together,

Forever and ever.

Until the day we die,

We will be together.

We will hold each near (in our hearts),

And it will be so dear.

We will never let go,

Until forever is over.

We will get in fights,

But our love will enlighten the world.

I sometimes might be a jerk,

And I?m sorry,

Because it will hurt.

Our love for each other will bind us together forever and ever,

Just never leave my side,

Unless you are leaving me behind,

Just don?t go ahead of me.

When we die,

Our love for each other will leave,

And be with someone else.

That?s what makes us best friends,

Forever and ever.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is dedicated to Morgan!  I love her dearly and I love all of you that read my poems, I really do appreciate it that you take the time to read them, thanks, Ashley

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