Closed Eyes

Adrift on thoughts authored by solemn words,
slumbered winks forgone in midst of dawn.
Shared whispers reminisced behind closed eyes,
inside wakened dreams--love's portrait is drawn.

Views expressed, mimics the utterance of a smile;

surreal as magic --  flow the images through mind.
Hearts convened, one to the others' endless vow,
unwavered voices announce two souls entwined.

To forefront of enlight, sweetness is served,
with each moistened kiss brings a return.
Lost in an embrace to passions longed,
beyond heights of reverie - touches discern.

Behind closed eyes the magic begins-
formed images become a tangible dream.
Perfected by time love grows to endure --
the heart and soul of an everlasting theme.

© C.E. Vance



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just another thought in a handful of words.

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Turn of Phrase

...forefront of enlight...nice ~~A~~



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Thank you for the comment.

Thank you for the comment.