When I Became The Night



It was when the dusk overshadowed brightness
And blocked out all rays of hope.
It was when my life became too distorted
And I could no longer cope.


When shadows were cast downward,
Falling over my forward path,
Causing me to loose my direction,
Too lost in midnight's wrath.


It was when my days all darkened,
The sun no longer shining it's grace.
No longer there to tepid my soul,
Nor warm the contours of my face.


When long hovering clouds, opened up,
Releasing torrents I couldn't bear.
When the deluge overtook too fast
And drowned one, already gasping for air.


It was when I could no longer see past,
The shaded areas, to look to the light.
Blinded by a pitching blackness,
It was when I became the night.

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