I Can't Do This Anymore


Life, you win.
I'm too battered, too sore.
Too weakened to fight,
I can't do this anymore.


You've taken it all,
And left me agape.
Even in dreams,
I find no escape.


You taunt me with lies,
Even while I'm asleep.
I awake to darkness,
And in my silence, I weep.


You show me things,
That can never be.
Those things that mean,
The very most to me.


But you keep them away,
Just beyond my reach.
My trust is shattered,
My soul, it is breached.


You dangle them, before me,
Like a jagged piece of bait.
I've never caught, them at all,
And now, its too late.


So please, let me go,
You're the victor in this war.
I'll just take my leave.
I can't do this...anymore.

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