Unknown to me

Just as the novelist sat down

    to write
    to nourish
    to align himself
                straight-again with the ground;
another man was lying deep-down,
below the grass,
encased in the systems of stars

he had tasted his last breath.

His moments froze ~

      a small stream of pure water
      poured perfectly from above
      into crown through to roots,
      washed away the worries,
      the illnesses,
      the aches
that paused this man’s infinite progression.

Within mind
refreshed and courageous, 
he traveled far
into jungles of Memory,
there was no shock.
no despair nor confusion.
As these thoughts 
flew him through
on the magic carpet that they always were.

He was transormed——
into a guidesman, a dream,
a neon notion;
this realization shook every nerve 
in its unseen explosion.
He sought the truth,

it had always been slapping him right in the face.

In life
he went insane for perfection
day-dreaming his Earthly footprint to be
in backward ways.
But that work is now
As he and the new setting
his Named became Nameless

All melted into rhythm & roots.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

~ Written during a period of personal DMT use ~ Carmello Yello

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