Here I go again


Sad as sad can be. The mango tree in my front yard was crying. Two boys with small matchettes cut off a fledgling branch for no other reason but for the leaves required for some "pooja" . I kept silent. After a few minutes two more people- one teenager & a man with a hatchet again hacked away 3-4 branches. I gave them a real loud shouting. Why  ?? Because the tree was screaming. The poor thing was busy with its work making oxygen for us to breathe. No.. No mangoes this year... Yet it makes new leaves, branches, roots. When will we understand  !! So much for "Save trees. Save the environment "

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the only thing sacred to man

the only thing sacred to man is his wealth,to hell with the rest

ron parrish

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sad tale, Bishu!

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"No Mangoes This Year..."

And yet the root is strong, the future promised fruit - so much strength and encouragement brings tears to my mind and eyes. We have been without hope for soooooo long. We need your optimism. A tree need not cry. 

Lady A