Are you sure I'm a member?

I've awed and I've cried

I've walked a divide.

I've run and I've sung

My life barely begun.


Tumbled through mountains,

Got soaked in the rain.

Suffered humilities,

I'll never mention again.


Been round the bend,

A wee bit, time or two

But how can any one person,

Make it all through??


I thought to myself,

What a ridiculous place

To trample about,

With a big leather case.


Work me to death,

I'm up at all hours,

I'm sure there's a reason,

You own all my power...


Why this for you,

and not even for me?

Why all for some,

yet others get none?


All of these rules,

That change by the hour,

Are all contradictory

And more than just dour.

Who made this law,

That we all have to follow.

Your way, or the high way,

It seems a bit hollow.


Why am I here?

'cause I don't remember;

Did I choose this club?

Are you sure I'm a member?

In either case sparky,

Here's how it goes,

I'm breaking tradition,

So come and behold;


As I change my life daily

To encumber your cause,

I'm the sun to your cloud,

If ever there wuz.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I haven't actually written poetry in some years... and what's pouring out now is not at all what i was expecting!! lol, it's definintely different than anything I've ever written... and is it just me, or does anyone else get a Dr. Seus feeling?? At any rate, please enjoy, I welcome your thoughts :) Bless you, Bless you, Bless you

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Thanks everyone for your

Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments!! If I trigger a thought or a memory, or a new understanding in just one person, than i've already succeeded :)

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Love it! Cheers SS 

Love it! Cheers SS 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's love, but not as we know it."

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Brilliant! Just brilliant!

Brilliant! Just brilliant!  Have been reading over and over and will continue to do so...

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Horton Hears A Whom

It's you. Read more poetry and grow. It takes time to find the better rhyme. Change up the rhythm and lose the Dr.'s cadences, if you like ~~~A~~~


All day I had the feeling

dust bunnies were invading the ceiling


It's a daily feeling

dust bunnies invading the ceiling


if it rhymes, you will hit the Dr. every time!



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It's funny cause I never

It's funny cause I never intended for it to sound like Dr. Seaus, which i believe doesn't just need to rhyme, but needs to have a certain flow and rhythm to it, that is uniquely his own :) With all that said, i'm trying to concentrate more on the message i want to convey, than to follow any pre-set styles or patterns :)


Though i did see dust bunnies

they were invading the ceiling,

i put them to work,

now potatoes they're peeling!