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If poems were tongue
and mind was vagina, 
i bet
you would come
mine, huh? 
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If the mind were phallic . . . you betcha!  slc :D



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Challenge Accepted

Come on you got something stronger than that.

Seriously a clever write, as usual...I like it

Now mine to you 

2003-06-10 Burning

When You Finally Are Looking at Me


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I guess then...I just did.

I guess then...I just did. Embarassed bahahahaha :D

Great work of worded-art William!


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And we smirk at those who

And we smirk at those who have taken on celibacy

Can never think of what to say. Contradiction Incarnate. 

A lonely contradiction. Contrasola

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fun... and poems are tongue

fun... and poems are tongue for the mind's vagina!

Much Love


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thanks for the read

I suppose I could have said that roses are red, but that is so plain vanilla.

running_with_rabbits's picture

:) ha

besides then you would be spreading lies, roses are multi-coloured, red, pink, white, orange.....they are rainbows on stems really

Much Love