Touch Up Humanity

The world is neither white nor black
But shades of gray.

So is nature.
So are our lives.
To see the perfect whole – impossible.
Each value system so unique.
Like you.

Be true to your beliefs.
Your peers.
Your community.
An live within yourself to the fullest.
It’s the small imperfections
That make you human.

Always grow,
Touch up humanity.

Look at greatness.
Emulate the best.

But always return to yourself.
You are temporary.
You are not eternal.
Nor is the world and planet.
Live for now.
For the future.
For posterity.
For love.
For kindness, benevolence.
For the magic of your unique human quality.

For that I love you.

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What is the world if not a planet? Just curious. 

Copyright © morningglory

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Hi Hopefulwoman,

I wrote:
"World AND planet" not "Nor is the World a planet"...

Thanks for the comment.

Arthur Weil

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Yes, now I see. My eyes must have played a trick on me. Enjoyed the reread.

Copyright © morningglory