The Naive

Once a day the naive say

I cant wait for my wedding day

They make their vows and give a ring

While some dance, others sing

The night will end when lovers bed

While the dreams of the future cloud their head

They wake in a daze of happily ever after

They start their days with love and laughter

As the days progress the nerves wear thin

Is that you, I have to nurture again

I'm beginning to feel used and neglected

You feel as you are already rejected

A sense of resentment builds inside

And to those vows you wont abide

Selfishness rears it's dreary head

And soon you'll find your love is dead

How can sweet love end so tragic

The naive think its full of magic

How do we avoid this disturbing truth

Pay attention to elders in our youth

See their patience, love & tact

Notice their manners, matter of fact

So forget your lows and forgive the lies

Focus on true love and compromise

Look into those eyes that once melted your heart

And vow again to never part

For one day, young new lovers will dawn

And how will they mimic old love if it's gone?

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