Draw Me

Draw me with all the passion you have 
Draw me fully nude so I can be free as a bird 
Sorrowing high in the sky 
Draw me using the full power of your love 
Draw me with colors of hope and feelings of 
Love so no one can break my heart 
That you so carefully drew 

Don't color me with the dark colors that might 
Remind you of the sadness and Loneliness 
you’ve lived in the past 

Instead color me with the colors of bright love 
so I would change your sadness to happiness 
And your loneliness to a world full of warmth and love 

Don't draw me in the presence of the sun because 
I'm worried i might melt away along with my colors 
From this life full of enjoyment 

Draw me in the presence of the moon so those colors 
will let me come into your dreams and you will trust my 
Love to keep me by your side for the rest of your life 


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I really enjoyed this poem a lot. Lovely.

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