I can feel the fractures in the resilience of your love, and I plead
with you to strive a little longer. No more am I consumed by the torture,
rather I am invigorated with resolve, and although I say it again,
please have faith in me, and that this time I will be the victor.

I can see you now my gorgeous. The radiance of your love illuminates
the darkness. You are a supernova in my night, the central light of my galaxy, the Jerusalem around which my universe revolves.

You fulfill me and I love all of you, the ocean in you eyes, your tender sweet milk skin, your scent, it permeates the air like spring, I love your genuine soul. I love that the cacophony of your thoughts and pandemonium of your emotions color your canvases, and that the darkness and hurt I give to your heart is given to them and not returned to me. But most of all I love your perseverance. It always saves me.
But it is no longer required.

Look, the curtains dance, it rains outside, the winds of change are here and they stir within me.
They stir within me don't leave me. Don't leave me now. I am on the precipice, the dawn is breaking a new day.

Don't go, please don't go.
Go. Yes. Yes. You need thoughts for yourself and the time to have them. I will wait here for you.
Babe? Don't leave me. Please don't leave me. I love you. I won't survive without you. Babe!

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:'( this made me cry. Must be


this made me cry. Must be the mood I'm in. Damn Poetry is powerful!

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