Lottery Win:



Yes I am stating "When I win the lottery", and indeed buy a lottery ticket every week, so all is not just so much hot air: all I have to do now is actually win it, I'm sure I'm getting closer to it.

Shall I tell you of my main requirements; a genuine list of what and who to see; or to be seen with.

With my winningss I would buy a property in millionaires street; in the Capital of Wales in Cardiff. I would purchase a property in West Wales, near the coast, and a marvellous coast  line they have there. I would also see if it was possible to buy and own out right; a sandy bay along that coast, I could call my own.

Another of my residences would be in North Wales; this would be an old Manor House and also have, in the grounds a hunting lodge; although I am no hunter, my brother showed me how to trap rabbits and how to catch fish in the local rivers. Rivers that long ago dried up as a direct result of mining in the area.

All these properties of mine would have swimming pools, gym for keeping fit, a good study full of quality reference books that would aid my creative writing.

I'd have large tv sets; as the rooms would be large, and all the latest technology. There would be an in and out door multiplay area, for visiing grandchildren and their cousins.

Patio sets  and sun loungers would be casually scattered around, and the sun would pour down and I'd sip flavouored iced mineral water.

I'd have a manicure, pedicure and my hair styled and maybe dyedl go swimming daily and walking and be so much fitter. A chaufer and gardener too, is a must; as I don't drive and although I have ideas about how the garden should be; I should like some advice on how to attain a well stocked garden, complete with herb, vegetable and wild meadow flowers and not forgetting the fruit and kernel trees.

I might even embark upon a business or industry to launch; my sons would help me I am sure. There would be wonderful family occassions to celebrate and to organize; especially one celebration to celebrate to congratulate me for winning and becoming a millionaire.

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Yes we all dream don't we.

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I'd run until my legs fell off. Then buy new legs and run some more!

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Sounds like a good wet dream...

Don't forget towels by the pool area'


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Nicely put Respected Madam Anita

... much enjoyed....



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100 Plus Poems Posted: congrats

Millionaire's Street - I love it! I'd buy an Island or a small country. :D



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Nice when a person has reached this number of views and or comments too. Just fantastic feeling; it's that kind of creative feeling about writing you would get when writing as a millionaire, don't you think

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So would I, although i'd have some neighbourghs to have a millionaire's coffee morning or some such get together. They'd also be handy if there was monumentaly bad weather conditions or maybe i'd just fly away to warmer climes, there i go drifting again. What is your favourite daydream? Meanwhile i am daydreaming as positively as i can!!!

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I Daydream

about a fine young man with skin like coffee with cream, biceps and abs that match Arnold's and the Rock's - hazel eyes, hairy legs...well you get the idea - shower worthy and playgirl vision worthy - I figure since it's a daydream why hold back. CEO of large corporation, adores me infinitely and tells me my kisses are worth a thousand deals in a thousand boardrooms. Like that. I don't buy lottery - chances to win are like ten trillion to one. :D ~allets~